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DescriptionThe company "Cuneo Mario e Figli Srl" works for other companies in agriculture and earthmoving works. CUNEO Ltd. has a wide range of expertises in the field of agriculture and related fields such as environmental and rivers restoration. The company aims to improve the sustainability of the agriculture activities thanks to the development of new tools for the impact reduction of activities (carbon dioxide, etc.) and agriculture pollutants (herbicides, pesticides). The company matches together the agriculture activities and the enviromental protection In 2010 the company has obtained the SOA quality certification for working with and for Public Bodies.
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Organization Type Company
Organization Size11-25
CityGuardamiglio, Via Roma, 136 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agriculture machinery and equipment

    Innovative technologies in agriculture



        Agriculture machineries, services and activities

        High level expertise and machineries for earthmoving, river restoration, crops harvasting and soils treatment

        Keywords: Sustainable agricultureEarthmovingRiver restorationAgriculture machineriesSoilCropssoil TreatmentsHarvastingenvironmental engineeringnatural engineeringagriculture servicesagriculture activ
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        Cuneo M. & Sons aims to create an integrated tool which allows to reduce agriculture impact (herbicides, pesticides, pollutants of agriculture vehicles, etc.) to move the traditional agriculture system towards a more sustainable one. This tool lets to monitor and manage the working processes from the seeds selection to the final product sale.
        This integrated tool for a sustainable agriculture system is accomplished through a software. The key software functions are: it allows to program in the best way the machining process, the use of herbicides and pesticides, which is the best agriculture vehicles to use. All this data are put in relation to the climate forecasts, the type of soil composition, the crops' choise, the physiological state of crops. In this way the impacts of the whole machining process are reduced thanks to the optimization of CO2 emission. The measurement of CO2 emission is made also for each individual machining.
        This software is equipped with its own app with personalized access and with an very user-friendly interface. The easy App interface provides differnets data and information according to the users type. This App provides personalized contents about info and tools for managing different productive choices but also all info needed to consumers. It lets to put in touch entrepreneur and farm operator and to create a totally controlled production and food chain.
        Furthermore, in the operator reserved area the app provides also an "help me" botton. Thanks to the geolocalization function this botton allows to contact immediatly the operator in case of on field injury.

        We seek financial cooperation but also partner together with trying to develop an integrated tool which includes biosensing technology. In this way it'd be possible to create a much more complete tool ables to beter detect and to mesure pollutants and consequently management of agricolture processes in a sustainable way.

        Keywords: Sustainable agricultureintegratyed systemoptimizationimpact reductionpollutants reductionprocess optimizationnew technologysoftwarecrops
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        1. Outsourcing co-operation
        2. Technical co-operation
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